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Template:Infobox Sport governing body The World of Outlaws (often abbreviated WoO) is an American motorsports sanctioning body. The body sanctions two major national touring series. It is best known for sanctioning a national tour of sprint cars called the World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car Series. It later purchased a national tour of late model stockcars called the World of Outlaws Late Model Series. These dirt track racing series are owned and operated by World Racing Group.[1]

Sprint Car SeriesEdit

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Steve Kinser's 2007 World of Outlaws sprint car at the King's Royal race

2013 WoO Sprint Car Champion Daryn Pittman

2013 Champion Daryn Pittman wheeling his Kasey Kahne Racing #9 at Dodge City, KS.

The body sanctions a national tour of high power to weight, custom fabricated sprint cars called the World of Outlaws. The race cars feature large adjustable wings on the top and large rear tires that transfer their power to the dirt tracks they race on. The series travels primarily the United States, but has sanctioned races in Canada, Mexico and Australia.

The series began in 1978 by Ted Johnson. The 2011 championship features 72 points-paying races. Select events are broadcast on Dirt Vision, an online subscription based streaming service. Select races are broadcast on CBS Sports Network.

Sprint car specificationsEdit

A World of Outlaws STP Sprint Car is a purpose-built open-wheel race car that must weigh at least 1,400 pounds with the driver in the car. The 410-cubic inch engine is fueled by VP Racing Fuels methanol. The cars produce approximately 850 horsepower and transfer it to the ground through Hoosier Tires. The series' cars have a large top wing with sideboards that face opposite direction to help produce a great amount of downforce to plant the car on the track and help the car turn and maximize grip, both in the corners and on the straightaways. The cars also have smaller nose wings.[3]

Sprint Cars have a very distinct stance since they have two very different rear tires. The right rear tire on a sprint car is 105 inches in circumference. In contrast, the left rear tire is only between 90 and 98 inches in circumference, depending on the track size and conditions. The difference in the tire sizes is called stagger and the more stagger the car has, the more easily it turns into the corner, but at the expense of straight line speed.[4]

Sprint Cars do not have starters in them, so push trucks are used to fire the engines. Sprint Cars only have an in/out direct drive, no reverse gear and no clutch.[5]

Past ChampionsEdit

Season Driver
2013 Daryn Pittman
2012 Donny Schatz
2011 Jason Meyers
2010 Jason Meyers
2009 Donny Schatz
2008 Donny Schatz
2007 Donny Schatz
2006 Donny Schatz
2005 Steve Kinser
2004 Steve Kinser
2003 Steve Kinser
2002 Steve Kinser
2001 Danny Lasoski
2000 Steve Kinser
1999 Mark Kinser
1998 Steve Kinser
1997 Sammy Swindell
1996 Mark Kinser
1995 Dave Blaney
1994 Steve Kinser
1993 Steve Kinser
1992 Steve Kinser
1991 Steve Kinser
1990 Steve Kinser
1989 Bobby Davis, Jr.
1988 Steve Kinser
1987 Steve Kinser
1986 Steve Kinser
1985 Steve Kinser
1984 Steve Kinser
1983 Steve Kinser
1982 Sammy Swindell
1981 Sammy Swindell
1980 Steve Kinser
1979 Steve Kinser
1978 Steve Kinser

Top 15 All Time A-Feature winnersEdit

Updated February 15, 2014

Driver Wins
Steve Kinser 576
Sammy Swindell 292
Mark Kinser 153
Donny Schatz 148
Doug Wolfgang 107
Danny Lasoski 89
Joey Saldana 85
Dave Blaney 70
Stevie Smith 67
Craig Dollansky 59
Jason Meyers 57
Jac Haudenschild 56
Bobby Davis Jr. 46
Daryn Pittman 38
Jeff Swindell 30
Andy Hillenburg 30

Notable drivers who have raced in World of Outlaws Sprint CarsEdit

Rick Ferkel founding member of WoO
Doug Wolfgang 107 career wins and 5-time Knoxville Nationals Champion
Erin Crocker First female driver to win a World of Outlaw preliminary event.
Steve Kinser 20 time series champion
Danny Lasoski 2001 Champion, 4-time Knoxville Nationals Champion, IROC race winner
Joey Saldana in 2009 won 20 feature events
Donny Schatz 5 time Series Champion 7-time Knoxville Nationals Champion
Sammy Swindell 1981 - 1982, 1997 champion
Ron Shuman National Sprint Car Hall of Fame member
Brad Doty former WoO driver, current race analyst and Doty Classic race promoter
Mark Kinser 1996 and 1999 Series Champion
Bobby Allen founding member of WoO, 1990 Knoxville Nationals Champion, current team owner
Dave Blaney 1995 Series Champion and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver
Jeff Gordon NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver
Kasey Kahne NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver, WoO Team Owner
Tony Stewart NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver, WoO Team Owner
Ken Schrader NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver
Kyle Larson 2013 NASCAR Nationwide Series Rookie of the year
Johnny Herrera
Greg Hodnett
Keith Kauffman
Bobby Davis Jr. 1989 Series Champion
Lealand McSpadden
Andy Hillenburg

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Late Model SeriesEdit

Main article: World of Outlaws Late Model Series

World of Outlaws late model

Operating since 2004, the Late Model Series is a racing championship series for late model stock cars.


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