Whispering Wheel is a self-propelled electrically powered wheel designed for propulsion in hybrid or alternative energy vehicles or buses.

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The idea of the whispering wheel lies in the combination of existing technologies to create a simpler, more reliable and fuel-efficient vehicle propulsion system. Vehicles utilizing the whispering wheel technology typically combine a diesel engine, a generator and an electric in-wheel drive motor.

The idea behind the invention lies in the idea of housing the electric motor used for propulsion in the wheel itself. This eliminates the need for a massive diesel engine, transmission, and any type of axle drive system of any kind.

The wheel consists of an electromotor in the wheel, spinning around, and the housing which remains stationary. The rotor, affixed with permanent magnets on the inside, spins around and the stator, which contains the electromagnets, remains stationary. The tire is mounted directly to the exterior of the direct-drive motor. The greater the diameter of the motor within the wheel, the greater the torque.

The wheel provides energy conservation through regenerative braking. Because of regenerative braking, the usual disc braking system is used conservatively. The absence of the drive train, transmission and larger diesel engine allows vehicles using the whispering wheel to be twenty to thirty percent more efficient according to e-Traction. Simply coasting down a hill allows the engines to function as generators. Regenerative braking increases the endurance of the batteries and decreases the need for a larger diesel engine.

Whispering Wheel Bus Edit

The Whispering Wheel Bus (The Whisper) is a Dutch invention for a hybrid-powered bus. The bus utilizes an in-wheel electric motor for propulsion which is powered with electricity from a generator, which in turn is propelled by a diesel engine.

Testing of the bus started in late March 2005 in the town of Apeldoorn, Netherlands. Evaluation and testing of performance data is currently under way. The next phase includes purchase and/or conversion of five buses in Apeldoorn and the surrounding area in March 2006.

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