Valerio Colotti is an italian automotive engineer, known for his early work with Ferrari and Maserati chassis and transmission systems.

He joined Ferrari in 1948, working under Aurelio Lampredi, followed by employment with Maserati (1953-1957), until the company dropped factory works racing. In 1958 he started his own company, known as Tec-Mec (Studio Tecnica Meccanica).

Tec-Mec, assisted by Giorgi Scarlatti, attempted at the tipo F/415 Formula One car, mostly based on the Maserati 250F, in which Colotti had been deeply involved. Stirling Moss failed in his racing with Cooper-Climax T51, fitted with Colottis, unfortunately rather unreliable, gearboxes. Colottis cooperation with Alf Francis lead to the Colotti-Francis systems. With Wolfgang von Trips he designed the Trips-Colotti-Auto Union (TCA).

The company is now called Colotti Trasmissioni.

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