The TVR 350SE was a sports car designed and built by TVR starting in 1990 and ending in 1991.

In 1990 TVR Engineering Limited produced a limited production run of 25 specially prepared 350's to mark the end of the era heralded by the 350i. This commemorated the previous 7 years of production during which time over thousand 350 model TVRs were manufactured.

All 350SEs featured a 3.9 litre NCK hotwire Rover V8 alloy engine, polished multi-spoke alloy wheels and Koni adjustable shock absorbers.

Each car is uniquely numbered with its number surrounded in laurels in gold for future recognition on the side wings and rear. The cars also had 350SE decals on front spoiler, side sills and rear. TVR originally sold the 350SEs for £21,000.

The limited production 350SE was seen as the ulimate progression of the 350i in terms of both outright performance and enjoyment [source: TVR Engineering Limited news release April 1990].

Number 13 was never made so there there was a number 26 to make up the 25 cars. Number 20 was a big valve. Number 19 has been broken up for parts and no longer exists.

Number 1 of 25 is Monza red with a cream and red interior and shown in the top photograph.

Car number Exterior colour Interior details
1 Monza red Cream and red interior
2 Mica red
3 Blue Grey interior
4 Blue Starfire Mica Blue Magnolia interior
5 Red Parchment interior
6 Ruby Mica
7 Green
8 Burgundy metallic red Grey leather
9 Rosso Red Grey leather
10 Red
12 Mica Midnight Blue Magnolia half hide
14 Midnight Blue
15 Black Cream interior
16 Red
17 Green
18 Mica Blue Magnolia full hide
19 Blue
20 Grey
21 Cooper Green Magnolia interior
22 Sapphire Blue Magnolia interior
23 Black Magnolia interior
24 Midnight Blue Magnolia interior
26 Monza Red

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