Grand Prix Monaco96 131954710

The Monaco Grand Prix, held at the Circuit de Monaco, is one of the world's most prestigious auto races.

TC2000 2006 Santa Fe

Argentine TC 2000 Championship has raced in street circuits such as Santa Fe.


The Streets of St. Petersburg is one of the first non-oval venues ever visited by the IndyCar Series.

A street circuit is a racing circuit composed by temporarily closed-off public roads of a city, town or village, used in motor races. Facilities such as the paddock, pit boxes, fences and grandstands are usually placed temporarily and removed soon after the race is over but in modern times the pits, race control and main grandstands are sometimes permanently constructed in the area. Since the track surface is originally planned for normal speeds, race drivers often found it bumpy and lacking grip. Run-off areas may be non-existent, which makes driving mistakes more expensive than in purpose-built circuits with wider run-off areas.

Local governments sometimes support races held in street circuits to promote tourism. This is in contrast with illegal street racing, where racers do not ask permission to the authorities.

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