The Societa Valdostana Automobili (SVA), was an Italian Automobile manufacturer, active in Port Saint Martin from 1948 to 1951.

Founded by John and Virgil Conrero Savonuzzi, both from Fiat's aviation competitions department, SVA was founded in order to develop cars used in Cisitalia racing.

Despite having achieved numerous victories in minor races and the confidence of drivers as impotent as Giovanni Bracco, SVA ran into severe difficulties fallowing the demise of Cisitalia.

A first experiment was done with a Formula 3 car with a 500 cm³ Moto Guzzi engine, and later a Formula 1 car was built, with a 1500 cc supercharged FIAT-derived engine, fueled by a mixture of petrol and alcohol.

The SVA 1500, entrusted to driver Rudi Fischer, took to the track in both the Grand Prix of San Remo and the Swiss Grand Prix in 1950, proving to be powerful and fast, but also very fragile.

At the end of 1951, SVA ceased to exist,

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