Template:List of Shandong Jindalu Vehicle Models Shandong Jindalu Vehicle Co. Ltd. is a Chinese automaker specializing in electric cars.

History Edit

The company was founded on November 28, 2000. A private-owned, joint-stock company, it is comprised entirely from the stock-holding companies, Dezhou Fulu Vehicle Co. Ltd, Dezhou Aufroad Mechanical and Electric Equipment Co. Ltd., and Dezhou Futai Autobike Co. It is located in the Dezhou Tianqu Industrial Zone and Lingxian County Development Zone. The facility occupies an area of 167,832m2. Currently it employs a staff of 1060, which includes 180 qualified technicians and managers. The company's total assets are estimated at 460,000,000RMB. The company quotes an annual output of 50,000 vehicles. Jindalu says that it is the largest manufacturer of tri-wheeler and quad-wheeler mechanical and electric automobiles.

The company has been awarded the following: The Shandong Star Enterprise, The Dezhou Excellent nongovernmental enterprise, and the Dezhou 50 best enterprise and honorable exporting enterprise.

The “Fulu” electric motorcycle manufactured by the company is appraised as a “Shandong Famous Brand” by the Shandong Quality Inspection Bureau.

To increase the current output due to a larger vehicle market share, the Company and the American company ZAP have co-invested to build Dezhou Fulu Vehicle Co. Ltd.. With an area comprising 200 mu in the Lingxian city economic development zone, the scheduled project has an initial investment of RMB 230 million, and newly constructed vehicles have already entered the marketplace.

In an effort to upgrade all current product lines so as to increase market share, the company has invested RMB 30 million to develop Fulu-Junma, Fulu-Xiaoguizu, Fulu-Baoma, Fulu-Xiaojunma, Fulu-Fuxing, Fulu-vehicle for the handicapped, Fulu-electric vehicle for old men, Four-wheeler electric vehicle and other new models to fulfill the current and future customer requirements.

All of these vehicles adopt original car-equipment standards of suspension, braking, axle transmission systems, tire, rim, and seats and interior. Of special note is the unique three-to-one transmission, which has won a gold medal from the national patent office.

There are currently 277 distributors covering China's Northeast three provinces, located in the following major cities: Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hunan, Hubei ect.

This posting is based on information found at the Shandong Jidalu web site: and awaits copyright permission from them.

Future models Edit

Current models Edit

Zebra, in the United states of America.

The company's main products: 6 separate series of vehicles with 32 varieties. These include 3 wheel passenger and cargo vehicles and 4 wheel automobiles with both internal combustion and electric motors manufactured for both domestic consumption and export. Products have been exported to more than 10 countries such as, America, Egypt,New Zealand, Mexico, Great Britan etc.

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