Scissor doors (commonly known as Lamborghini doors or Lambo doors) are a type of passenger car door usually seen in high performance cars, althought after the appearance of aftermarket car tunning kits it has become very common to see them in other car segments like sedans, coupes, and even SUVs.


this door type became famous thanks to Lamborghini supercars, the first car to ever feature it was actually the 1968 Bertone Alfa Romeo Carabo.



The scissor door is actually designed for some specific car body type, but for some others who have more conventional design it was necessary to apply some variants to adapt the doortype:

  • Lamborghini Aventador doors open upward and outside in one movement, that's because unlike previous Lamborghini flagship models the walls are flatter than in the others, and the windows are frameless and the doos is now more sunk into the body than before.
  • Spyker C8 series and ASL Garaiya have a similar issue, except that their doors also flip a little so it makes them look like butterfly doors.
  • Aftermarket door kits are similar, except that they start opening like conventional doors to free the frame so it can go up and give the appearance of a real scissor door.
  • Lamborghini Portofinofeatured a double scissor door with conventional scissor doors and similar backdoors but with the hinges at the rear.

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