The Rome Grand Prix, also known as the Premio Reale di Roma (1925–1932) and Gran Premio di Roma (1947–1991), was an automobile race held in Rome, Italy from 1925 until 1991.

Through the years a number of different regulations and circuits were used, with the majority being Formula Two races at the ACI Vallelunga Circuit. In 1954 and 1963 the Rome Grand Prix was run to Formula One rules, but neither event was included in the World Championship.

The 1947 race was notable as it marked the first win for Ferrari with a car of their own construction, the Ferrari 125S.

In the late 2000s, plans were being made for a Rome Grand Prix to be added to the Formula One World Championship in 2013. A street circuit around the EUR district of Rome was to be the location of the race. However, speculation that the race would threaten the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, as well as a lack of support from local residents, led to the plans being abandoned in early 2011.

Race winnersEdit

The winners of the Rome Grand Prix from its inception in 1925 are:[1][2][3][4][5][6]

Year Driver Constructor Class Location Report
1991 22px-Flag of Italy Alessandro Zanardi Reynard Formula 3000 Vallelunga Report
1990 Not held
1989 22px-Flag of Italy Fabrizio Giovanardi March Formula 3000 Vallelunga Report
1988 20px-Flag of Switzerland Gregor Foitek Lola Formula 3000 Report
1987 22px-Flag of Italy Stefano Modena March Formula 3000 Report
1986 22px-Flag of Italy Ivan Capelli March Formula 3000 Report
1985 22px-Flag of Italy Emanuele Pirro March Formula 3000 Report
1984 25px-Newzealand flag Mike Thackwell Ralt Formula Two Report
1983 22px-Flag of Italy Beppe Gabbiani March Formula Two Report
1982 22px-Flag of Italy Corrado Fabi March Formula Two Report
1981 22px-Flag of Sweden Eje Elgh Maurer Formula Two Report
1980 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Brian Henton Toleman Formula Two Report
1979 20px-Flag of Switzerland Marc Surer March Formula Two Report
1978 22px-Flag of Ireland Derek Daly Chevron Formula Two Report
1977 22px-Flag of Italy Bruno Giacomelli March Formula Two Report
1976 22px-Flag of France Jean-Pierre Jabouille Elf Formula Two Report
1975 22px-Flag of Italy Vittorio Brambilla March Formula Two Report
1974 22px-Flag of France Patrick Depailler March Formula Two Report
1973 22px-Flag of France Jacques Coulon March Formula Two Report
1972 Not held
1971 22px-Flag of Sweden Ronnie Peterson March Formula Two Vallelunga Report
1970 Not held
1969 22px-Flag of France Johnny Servoz-Gavin Matra Formula Two Vallelunga Report
1968 22px-Flag of Italy Ernesto Brambilla Ferrari Formula Two Report
1967 22px-Flag of Belgium (civil) Jacky Ickx Matra Formula Two Report
1966 22px-Flag of Italy Ernesto Brambilla Brabham Formula Three Report
1965 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Richard Attwood Lola Formula Two Report
1964 22px-Flag of France Jo Schlesser Brabham Formula Two Report
1963 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Bob Anderson Lola Formula One Report
Not held
1956 22px-Flag of France Jean Behra Maserati Sports Car Castelfusano Report
1955 Not held
1954 25px-ARGENntina Onofre Marimón Maserati Formula One Castelfusano Report
1953 Not held
1951 22px-Flag of Italy Mario Raffaeli Ferrari Formula Two Terme di Caracalla Report
1950 22px-Flag of Italy Alberto Ascari Ferrari Formula Two Report
1949 22px-Flag of Italy Luigi Villoresi Ferrari Formula Two Report
1948 Not held
1947 22px-Flag of Italy Franco Cortese Ferrari Sports Car Terme di Caracalla Report
Not held
1932 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Luigi Fagioli Maserati Grand Prix Littorio Report
1931 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Ernesto Maserati Maserati Grand Prix Report
1930 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Luigi Arcangeli Maserati Grand Prix Tre Fontane Report
1929 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Achille Varzi Alfa Romeo Grand Prix Report
1928 25px-Monacoflag Louis Chiron Bugatti Grand Prix Report
1927 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Tazio Nuvolari Bugatti Formula Libre Parioli Report
1926 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Aymo Maggi Bugatti Formula Libre Valle Giulia Report
1925 Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Carlo Masetti Bugatti Formula Libre Monte Mario Report


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