0613-savage-rivale standard 540x360
The Roadyacht GTS is one of the most unique automotive concepts Billing it as an ultimate luxury lifestyle accessory Dutch coachbuilder Savage Rivale has undeniably captured that French Rivera je ne sais quoi and harnessed it to four wheels.

To start, it’s a four-door convertible. If that’s not novel enough, those doors move up and out so the sides end up facing the sky to allow entry, making the vehicle look like some kind of budding flower when completely open.

The interior is beautifully appointed with quilt-stitched seats, touch-screen digital dashboard, a floor that looks like a boat deck, and of course a champagne cooler as a standard feature.

One would think all these toys would make the Roadyacht a slow, porky thing – but they don’t. Despite being burdened with an automatic transmission, the car's V8 engine propels the Roadyacht to 62 m.p.h. in a very impressive 3.4 seconds and affords it a top speed of over 200 m.p.h. I’d recommend you skip the expensive hairdo before trying that one out though.

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