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1997 Plymouth Voyager
Plymouth Voyager
Production 1974-1983
Body Style 4-Door Full Size Van
Length 187.2"
Width 79.8"
Height 79.5"
Wheelbase 109.6"
Weight 3800-4600 lbs
Transmission 3-Speed Manual, RWD
4-Speed Manual, RWD
3-Speed Automatic, RWD
Engine 3.7L (225 cid) I6 (1974-1983)
5.2L (318 cid) V8 (1974-1983)
5.9L (360 cid) V8 (1974-1983)
6.6L (400 cid) V8 (1974-1978)
Power 90-180 hp
Similar Dodge Ram Van

First GenerationEdit

The first generation Plymouth Voyager was a twin to the full-size Dodge Ram Van, differing only with a different grille, from 1974-1983.

Second GenerationEdit

In 1985 the Voyager won Car and Driver's Ten Best list. Three trim levels were offered for the Voyager. From 1984 to 1986 the Voyager had standard five-passenger seating. An option on SEs and LEs were seven-passenger seating. But an SE model could have a standard eight-passenger seating. In 1987 the six and eight-passenger seating was dropped.

Third GenerationEdit

Once again three trim lines were available for the Voyager. The "Sport Wagon" package came out in 1993. It was discontinued in 1995. Also in 1995 the "Rallye" package came out. It was more of a luxury package than the "Sport Wagon".

Fourth GenerationEdit

Something new on the Voyager was a sliding driver's side door. Only two models were available on the Voyager. The Rallye package was still available but was later named Expresso. In 1996 and 1997 the Voyager was on Car and Driver's Ten Best list.

Plymouth Voyager/Grand Voyager
Production 1984-2000
Body Style 4-Door Minivan
5-Door Minivan
Length 175.9" - 199.7"
Width 69.5" - 76.8"
Height 64.4" - 68.7"
Wheelbase 112.1" - 119.3"
Weight 2600-3300 lbs.
Transmission 4-Speed Manual, FWD
5-Speed Manual, FWD
3-Speed Automatic, FWD
4-Speed Automatic, FWD/AWD
Engine 2.2L (135 cid) I4 (1984-1990)
2.4L (148 cid) I4 (1996-2000)
2.5L (153 cid) I4 (1986-1995)
2.6L (156 cid) I4 (1984-1985)
3.0L (181 cid) V6 (1987-2000)
3.3L (203 cid) V6 (1996-2000)
3.8L (232 cid) V6 (1996-2000)
Power 94-160 hp
Similar Dodge Caravan
Platform K

Main CompetitorsEdit

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