Plymouth Laser
Production 1990-1994
Class Sports Car
Body Style 3-Door hatchback
Length 172.8"
Width 66.7"
Height 51.4"
Wheelbase 97.2"
Weight 2500-2800 lbs
Transmission 5-Speed Manual, FWD/AWD
4-Speed Automatic, FWD/AWD
Engine 1.8L (107 cid) I4
2.0L (122 cid) I4
2.0L (122 cid) Turbo I4
Power 92-195
Similar Eagle Talon
Mitsubishi Eclipse

The Plymouth Laser was a small 2+2 sports coupe, one of the original Diamond-Star triplets, the other 2 of which were the Mitsubishi Eclipse and Eagle Talon, that was produced from 1990 to 1994. Like its Eclipse and Talon mates, the Laser was also available with normally-aspirated and turbocharged 4-cylinder engines, and available in front- and all wheel drive. It also holds a distinction of being one of the very few Plymouth models that was not also offered as a Dodge. The Eclipse and Talon were redesigned for 1995, but the Laser was dropped after the 1994 model year. There was no successor to the Laser.

See AlsoEdit

See the 1st generation Mitsubishi Eclipse entry for more information about the Plymouth Laser.

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