Template:List of Perodua ModelsPerodua, acronym of Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Berhad (in English, Second Automobile Manufacturer Limited Corporation) is Malaysia's second automobile manufacturer after Proton. It was established in 1993.

Perodua mainly produces compact cars and therefore does not actually compete with Proton for the same market niche. In the United Kingdom their cars are sold by Proton dealers who wish to attract those customers seeking a smaller and cheaper alternative to the Proton range.

The Perodua Kancil is Daihatsu Mira while Kelisa is Daihatsu Cuores assembled in Malaysia. Because Perodua does not actually produce any in house design and engineering for the main components (i.e engine, transmission), some people questions their status as car maker. To some, Perodua are just mere assemblers. Daihatsu owns a majority stake in Perodua. Daihatsu itself is now a subsidiary of Toyota Corp.


Perodua organised a logo competition in 1997 to find a new corporate logo, to be launched together with their upcoming model tentatively known as the X555. The competition was won by Johnson Ng Weng Kuan, an architecture student from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Perodua officially launched the new corporate logo on 24 August 1998 when they launched Malaysia's first 4x4 vehicle, the Perodua Kembara.

The new logo maintains the 'P' and '2' and the colours of the old, squarish logo, but has been stylised further to become more fluid and dynamic -- to represent excellent quality and reliability. The green colour represents social responsibility to the environment and the community, while the red colour symbolises the development of competent workforce and resilience in meeting challenges in the globalised world.

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As compared to Proton, Perodua has been quite successful in its business ventures. Its cars are also very popular among Malaysians, such as the recently introduced Perodua Myvi.

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