22px-Flag of Spain Penya Rhin Grand Prix
Pedralbes Circuit
Circuit Pedralbes
Laps 40
Circuit length 6.316 km (3.925 miles)
Race length 252.64 km (156.92 miles)
Most wins by single driver no repeat winners
Most wins by single constructor 22px-Flag of Italy Alfa Romeo (3)
Last race (1954):
Winner 22px-Flag of France François Picard
Winning constructor Ferrari
Winning time 1:42:43.7 (147.5 km/h)
Pole time
Pole driver
Pole constructor
Fastest lap 1:27.3
Fastest lap driver 22px-Flag of France Jean Behra
Fastest lap constructor Gordini

The Penya Rhin Grand Prix was a Grand Prix motor racing event staged at the three different circuits in three different eras in Spain. The race was held intermitently over its history, sometimes for full-size Grand Prix cars, sometimes for sports cars. In the 1920s, it was held at a street circuit in Vilafranca del Penedès. In the 1930s the race was revived at a parkland circuit in Montjuïc. In the 1950s after the war it was held at the Pedralbes Circuit.

Year Driver Constructor Circuit
1954 22px-Flag of France François Picard Ferrari Pedralbes
Not held
1950 22px-Flag of Italy Alberto Ascari Ferrari Pedralbes
1949 Not held
1948 22px-Flag of Italy Nino Farina Maserati Pedralbes
1947 Not held
1946 22px-Flag of Italy Giorgio Pelassa Maserati Pedralbes
Not held
1936 22px-Flag of Italy Tazio Nuvolari Alfa Romeo Montjuïc
1935 22px-Flag of Italy Luigi Fagioli Mercedes-Benz Montjuïc
1934 22px-Flag of Italy Achille Varzi Alfa Romeo Montjuïc
1933 22px-Flag of Chile Juan Zanelli Alfa Romeo Montjuïc
Not held
1923 22px-Flag of France Albert Divo Talbot Villafranca
1922 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Kenelm Lee Guinness Talbot Villafranca
1921 22px-Flag of Spain Pierre De Vizcaya Bugatti Villafranca

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