Parking Generation refers to a document prepared by the Institute of Transportation Engineers that summarizes a collection of parking demand data observations made all over the world by land use type. Parking Generation provides statistics on the average peak parking demand, when the peak demand occurs, range, coefficent of variation and standard deviation data. The data that is presented is an assemblage of observations [1] conducted by various volunteers. The information is commonly provided in term of peak parked vehicles per unit of land use (for example, per 1,000 gross square feet, dwelling unit, employee, student, room,...). The informational report is updated every 5 to 10 years incorporating recent observations that have been submitted to ITE.[2] While this informational report is assailed by some urban planners for lack of urban data or encouraging unnecessary parking provisions[3], the document does not make any recommendations for minimum parking and simply represents the single largest set of empirical data of actual parking demand observations.

References Edit

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