Tge Panoz Esperante Spyder GT is a prototype fully convertible sports car made by Panoz in Georgia for the 25th anniversary of the Panoz. the cars design was headed by John Leverette who is the chief engineer at Panoz motors. the car was inspired by the Nurburgring Panoz LMP Roadster S

trivia Edit

  • there has only being one car built so far

Body Edit

  • super Foiled Aluminum done in Riverside California

Super structure Edit

  • Carbon Fiber

Interior options Edit

  • Leather
  • Suede

Technical information Edit

Transmission Edit

  • Push button
  • Paddle shift 6 speed automatic
  • Tremic Magnum 6 speed

= Horse power options Edit

  • 450
  • 800

powertrains Edit

  • LSA (560hp) (optional)
  • General Motors (optional)
  • 5 liter Coyote Ford (Optional)

engine Edit

the car has a Elan engine

brakes Edit

  • Brembo

Tires Edit

  • Michelin

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