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Packard Clipper Constellation
Years 1955-1956
Production 11,052 Made
Class Near-Luxury Coupe
Body Style 2-Door Coupe
Length 215.5 in. (5,474mm)
Width 77.9 in. (1,979mm)
Height 60.5 in. (1,537mm)
Wheelbase 122.0 in. (3,099mm)
Weight 3900 lbs
Transmission 3-speed Automatic
Engine 352 cu in. V8
Power 275 hp @ 4000 rpm
Similar Packard Clipper
Designer Richard Teague

The Clipper Constellation was a top-of-the-line model of the mid-price series Clipper. It was a two-door hardtop with a high-powered V-8. Packard sold many of its mid-priced cars, but president James Nance felt that they were harming Packard's upper-market public image. To solve this problem, he made the Clipper series into a separate make for 1956.


In 1955, the Clipper series was part of the Packard make and so was the Constellation variant. Unlike the rest of the Packard line, the Clippers has different trim, paint schemes, and tailights to differentiate it from the upscale Packards. The Constellation had a 352 cu in. V8 that produced 245 horsepower this year, while the base Clippers had the 320 cu in. engine that made 225 horsepower. All Clippers featured a "s"-shape contrasting paint area on the side of the car.


After Clipper was made an individual make in 1956, the whole line recieved updated styling and more powerful engines. The entire linup, which consisted of two hardtops and three sedans, now had the cathedral-style taillamps and horizontal cintrasting two-tone paint stripes. The Constellation hardtop recieved a new 352 cu in. V8, but this time the power was increased to 275 horsepower.

Styles and Major OptionsEdit


1955 $3076

1956 $3164

Gas MileageEdit





Main CompetitorsEdit

Unique AttributesEdit

Resale ValuesEdit


Low $3,200-5,500

Average $5,500-9,000

High $9,000-14,000


Low $3,200-6,000

Average $6,000-10,000

High $10,000-15,000


  • Fuel-thirsty
  • Low collector interest


Design quirks and odditiesEdit


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