Template:List of Oltcit ModelsThe Oltcit (IPA: /olt.'sit/) is a Romanian car developed in co-operation with Citroën of France in the 1980s. It is a small three-door hatchback, based on the Citroën Prototype Y and built in Craiova. This vehicle was studied by Citroën to replace the Ami before Peugeot took the decision to produce the Citroën Visa derived from the 104. The Oltcit was sold between 1978 and 1996, and was also sold in Western Europe badged as the Citroën Axel.

The car's name comes from the region of Oltenia in Romania, with 'cit' being an abbreviation of Citroën. The Oltcit logo is also similar to that of Citroën, but only features one chevron, as opposed to the two found on Citroën's logo.

Daewoo Automobile Romania Edit

After producing the Oltcit for many years, the company decided to go into partnership with the Korean Daewoo firm. The company was renamed Daewoo Automobile Romania in 1994 and by 1996 the factory (known as 'Rodae') was producing the Tico , Nexia and Espero.

In 1997 a new engine and transmission factory was opened by the company, and by 2001 was also producing the Matiz and Nubira II. However, by this time, the main parent company in Korea had collapsed, due to financial problems in South Korea economy and over-expansion in Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

In 2002 General Motors bought the bulk of Daewoo Motor in South Korea, but did not buy the plants producing Daewoo cars in Romania, Uzbekistan or Poland. Due to this deal, Rodae was not allowed to export their products to neighbouring countries any more, or produce newer models by the new GM Daewoo Auto&Technology company.

To make matters worse for the company, General Motors starting selling the products of the GM Daewoo Auto&Technology company in 2003, under the Chevrolet.

In 2006 the Romanian government bought back the factory for 60 million US$.

Oltcit & Rodae Models Edit

The Craiova factory has produced the following models:

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