Template:List of NICE Car Company Models NICE, which stands for "No Intenral Combustion Engine", is an Electric City Car manufacturer founded in 2006 by former Lotus employees Julian Wilford and Evert Geurtsen. The company produces a wide range of electric vehicles including electric bikes and electric conversions of existing commercial vans. Its car range consists of four models: the Mega City, the MyCar, the Ze-O and the e500. The latter is essentially an electric converted Fiat Nuova 500 but the former 3 are original from-the-ground-up creations.


Then, comes the History section. Expand on any important events and company occurances in this section.

Future ModelsEdit

Next, comes the Future Models section. In this section, list any upcoming models or future plans for the company.

Current ModelsEdit

Discontinued ModelsEdit

Companies undergo new model line-ups and refresh models depending on market trends. Models that have been retired or are no longer in production should be listed here.

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