Template:List of Mors ModelsThe Mors automobile factory was an early car manufacturer, and one of the first to take part in automobile racing, beginning in 1897, due to the belief of the company founder, Emille Mors, in racing's technical and promotional benefits. By the turn of the century, automobile racing had become largely a contest between Mors and Panhard.

Mors was one of the first automobiles to use the V engine configuration. The Mors 60 horsepower Grand Prix car was powered by a 10 liter V4 side valve engine, with magneto ignition, which could reach 950 rpm. The car had a steel chassis and a four-speed transmission which drove the rear wheels via chain drive, and rear-wheel brakes. In 1902 Mors added dampers (shock absorbers) to their cars, which represented a great leap forward given the quality of the roads and racetracks at the time. With this car, Henri Fournier was able to win the highly significant Paris-Berlin race, with the drive chain breaking immediately afterwards.

Mors ended racing in 1908, and was finally put out of business by World War I.

Central Automobile CompanyEdit

Central Automobile Company was a manufacturer of automobiles in New York, New York. Their automobiles used the Mors marque.

The 1904 Mors 18-H.P. Model was a touring car. Equipped with a tonneau, it could seat 4 to 6 passengers and sold for a high US$8000. The vertically-mounted water-cooled straight-4, situated at the front of the car, produced 18 hp (13.4 kW). A 4-speed transmission was fitted. The pressed steel-framed car was quite modern, with a cellular radiator (with fan) and a throttle control. The Mors 11-H.P. Model sold for US$5000.

The St. Louis Car Company also manufactured the American Mors.



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