Morgan Four Seater
Production 1937 - present
Class Grand Tourer
Body Style 2-door, 4-seat Roadster
Engine 2.0 litre Duratec Inline 4
3.0 litre Ford V6
Power I-4: 145 hp @ 6000 rpm
140 lb-ft of torque @ 4500 rpm

V6: 223 hp @ 6150 rpm
206 lb-ft of torque @ 4900 rpm

The Morgan Four Seater is a model from the Morgan Motor Company with four full seats but little luggage space. It is a true roadster, with snap on top and side curtains, making it a true four seat sports cars.

The Four-Seater Tourer has been offered since 1937, on the 4-4 chassis (1937-39) and its postwar incarnation as the 4/4 (no one knows exactly how the hyphen became a slash) 1948-50, the Plus 4 (1950-68), the 4/4 1600 (1969-present) and the later Plus 4 of recent years. Currently it is offered as a four-cylinder Plus 4 or with the Ford V-6 engine used in the Morgan Roadster.

Morgan Four-seaters are very practical sports cars and often see use as family transportation. Their owners prefer them to the more popular two-seaters, which consititute the majority of Morgan production, citing their versatility and convenience in being able to carry more than two people, or to carry cargo in the rear seat, making them very practical for long-distance touring. Reportedly only about 50 four-seaters are built per year.

The body design had few changes from 1937 until the 1990s when the rear seat area was redesigned, primarily to make the seats lower in the car. In the earlier body the rear passengers sat much higher than the front ones, owing to the clearance needed over the rear axle. In 2006 a body with further redesign was introduced. The changes in the latest body include longer doors for easier access, improved rear seating, and a top design that is easier to put up and down.


Morgan pedal car small

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