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Molson Indy Vancouver was an annual Champ Car race held in a street circuit near BC Place and running past Science World (Vancouver) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada held in July or August from 1990 to 2004.

On September 2, 1990, the first race took place on the original circuit, which was won by Al Unser Jr. From 1998 a new circuit was created to the east of the old Pacific Place, where only a small part of the original circuit was used. The circuit was popular with drivers and often produced an entertaining race. However, from 2004, Vancouver was left off the Champ Car fixture list, and no race has taken place since.

Controversy and cancellationEdit

For much of its time in Vancouver, the Molson Indy was a source of considerable local controversy, as local residents complained of the noise and disruption caused by this major event. As the lands of the former Expo 86 site were developed into the billion-dollar condominium development by Concord Pacific, debates raged over whether the Indy made Vancouver a "world-class city" or an "urban nightmare." Such debates were chronicled by Mark Douglas Lowes in his 2002 book, "Indy Dreams and Urban Nightmares: Speed Merchants, Spectacle, and the Struggle over Public Space in the World-Class City."[1]

The only official explanation for the cancellation came from an Associated Press article stating "Indy-car race in Vancouver canceled: The Molson Indy Vancouver race was canceled after 15 years. 'The bottom line is the business model couldn't work,' said Jo-Ann McArthur, president of sponsoring Molson Sports and Entertainment."[2]

CART/Champ Car race winnersEdit

Season Driver Chassis Engine Team Report
1990 USAflagsmall Al Unser Jr. Lola Chevrolet Galles-KRACO Racing Report
1991 USAflagsmall Michael Andretti Lola Chevrolet Newman/Haas Racing Report
1992 USAflagsmall Michael Andretti Lola Cosworth-Ford Newman/Haas Racing Report
1993 USAflagsmall Al Unser Jr. Lola Chevrolet Galles Racing Report
1994 USAflagsmall Al Unser Jr. Penske Ilmor Marlboro Team Penske Report
1995 USAflagsmall Al Unser Jr. Penske Mercedes-Ilmor Marlboro Team Penske Report
1996 USAflagsmall Michael Andretti Lola Ford Newman/Haas Racing Report
1997 25px-Brazilflag Maurício Gugelmin Reynard Mercedes-Benz PacWest Racing Report
1998 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Dario Franchitti Reynard Honda Team KOOL Green Report
1999 22px-Flag of Colombia Juan Pablo Montoya Reynard Honda Target Chip Ganassi Racing Report
2000 25px-Canadaflag Paul Tracy Reynard Honda Team KOOL Green Report
2001 25px-Brazilflag Roberto Moreno Reynard Toyota Patrick Racing Report
2002 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Dario Franchitti Lola Honda Team KOOL Green Report
2003 25px-Canadaflag Paul Tracy Lola Ford-Cosworth Team Player's Report
2004 25px-Canadaflag Paul Tracy Lola Ford-Cosworth Forsythe Championship Racing Report

Indy Lights/Atlantic winnersEdit

Indy Lights
Season Winning Driver
1990 22px-Flag of Italy Vinicio Salmi
1991 Not held
1992 USAflagsmall Mark Smith
1993 USAflagsmall Bryan Herta
1994 25px-Brazilflag André Ribeiro
1995 22px-Flag of Portugal Pedro Chaves
1996 25px-Canadaflag Claude Bourbonnais
1997 25px-Brazilflag Cristiano da Matta
1998 25px-Brazilflag Cristiano da Matta
1999 Not held
2000 25px-Newzealand flag Scott Dixon
Atlantic Championship
Season Winning Driver
1990 25px-Canadaflag Claude Bourbonnais
1991 25px-Canadaflag Stéphane Proulx
1992 25px-Canadaflag Patrick Carpentier
1993 25px-Canadaflag Claude Bourbonnais
1994 25px-Canadaflag David Empringham
1995 25px-Canadaflag David Empringham
1996 25px-Canadaflag Patrick Carpentier
1997 USAflagsmall Memo Gidley
1998 25px-Canadaflag Andrew Bordin
1999 USAflagsmall Will Langhorne
2000 Not held
2001 USAflagsmall Joey Hand
Not held
2004 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom Ryan Dalziel


At the inaugural race in 1990, a track worker pushing a car on the racing circuit was struck by another car after accidentally getting caught in its path. The worker, Jean Patrick Hein, was slammed to the ground and run over after running in front of Willy T. Ribbs' car and colliding with Ribbs' rear tire.[3] Footage of the incident is included in the shock reality compilation Traces of Death.


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