The Classic Type F was a small Japanese Roadster produced between 1996 and 2000

Mitsuoka Classic Type F 1
"MITSUOKA Zero1" It was the dream of one MITSUOKA company. Rino Hazime and car technology and the accumulation of passion, the "Classic TypeF" deepening and condensation. "Zero1 Classic TypeF" It was the realization that we APPEARANCE OF SPIRIT (in the form of the soul). Run and safety features of the best balance. That's the basic philosophy of zero-one. We think is the best real sports here. "Classic TypeF" design of the epidemic never追わず, without regard to trend, the passion for sports car without having to compromise on the form. Novel enough to deprive all the stares, but also fade after time again with a powerful force that will not form. What is the true beauty? "Classic TypeF" is the answer.

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