The Mini Marcos was produced in limited numbers between 1965 and 1970 by Marcos, 1974 to 1981 by D & H Fibreglass Techniques Limited and again between 1991 and 1996 by Marcos. It was based on the DART design by Dizzy Addicott and the design was similar to the Fiat-Abarth 1000. In Sweden it was sold by Elmhorn-Troberg Racing Service.[1]

It was sold as a kit car utilising a fiberglass/GRP Monocoque with running gear & subframes from a Mini. During its life it went through five versions with changes including sliding windows (Mark II), rear hatch and wind-up windows (Mark IV) and the revived Marcos version (Mark V).

Following the closure of the Marcos company, the Mini Marcos moulds were acquired by Rory McMath of Marcos Heritage Spares who has re-launched the car as the Mk. VI and Mk. VI GT, the latter being a racing version.

It was the only British car to finish Le Mans in 1966 and set four British land speed class records these are the flying mile, half mile, half kilometre and kilometre for cars up to 1600cc.

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  • manufacturer = Marcos(Mk 1to4 and Mk 5)
    D & H Fibreglass Techniques Limited(Mk 4)
    Marcos Heritage Spares (Mk6)
  • production = 1965-1996 2005 - current
  • predecessor = DART
  • successor = none
  • body_style = 2-door coupé
  • engine = One from the Mini range
  • transmission = 4 speed manual
  • length = 136 inches
  • width = 56 inches
  • height =
  • weight = 1050 pounds
  • wheelbase = 79 inches
  • track = 48 inches
  • related =
  • similar = Mini-Jem
    Kingfisher Sprint
    Fiat-Abarth 1000
  • designer =

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