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Maserati GranTurismo-01
Maserati GranTurismo
aka M145
GranTurismo S
Maserati GranCabrio
Production 2008 - present
Class Grand tourer
Body Style 2-door, 4/2+2-seat Coupe
2-door, 2-seat Hardtop Convertible
Length 192.2 in (4881 mm)
Width 72.7 in (1847 mm, w/o mirrors)
80.9 in (2056 mm, w/ mirrors)
Height 53.3 in (1353 mm)
Wheelbase 115.8 in (2942 mm)
Weight 3924.2 lb (1780 kg, Dry)
4144.7 lb (1880 kg, Curb)
Transmission ZF (ZF 6HP26) 6-speed Automatic, RWD
Designer Jason Castriota under Pininfarina

The Maserati GranTurismo is a grand tourer produced by Italian automaker Maserati. It was officially presented at the Geneva Motor Show. The GranTurismo uses a wet sump and the transmission is located in the front of the vehicle, as opposed to a dry sump and a rear-mounted transmission used on Duo Select models of the Coupé and Quattroporte.

A convertible version of the GranTurismo was launched in 2009.[1]

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Recent ChangesEdit

  • The 2010 Paris Motor Show is playing host to the launch of the GranTurismo MC Stradale. In much the same way as the Scuderia line of its older sister, the defunct F430, the MC Stradale is a lighter, faster, tauter and more powerful hard core sports car version. It is powered by the same 4.7 litre V8 but now developing 450 hp (336 kW / 457 PS). The top speed is now in excess of 300 km/h (186 mph). [2]
  • At the 2008 Bologna Motor Show, Maserati unveiled a new customization programme called MC Sport Line. The first product of the new venture is a customized GranTurismo S dubbed, the GranTurismo S MC Sport Line. The MC Sport Line is meant to emphasize the sportier nature of Maserati and thus the GranTurismo S MC Sport Line is fitted with a gaggle of carbon-fibre trim: from spoilers to side skirts, the mirror housing and even the door handles. It will also be available with gloss black 20-inch alloys and sill plates, interior trim and steering wheel rim trimmed in the expensive material. Besides the aesthetic changes, the car will also get a stiffer suspension setup which also lowers the car by 10 mm. No word yet on pricing but expect it to be VERY expensive. [3][4]
  • For the 2009 model year, Maserati revealed a performance-oriented variant of the grand tourer, dubbed GranTurismo S. The car is powered by a 440 hp 4.7L V8 matched to an electro-actuated gearbox with MC-Shift technology. This allows shifting in a tenth of a second and 0 to 100km/h times of 4.9 seconds. The standard GranTurismo has also been equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and an iPod connection kit located in the glove compartment. The owners of the 2008 model can go to their dealers and have them install a Bluetooth kit at a minimal charge as well. [5][6]

Styles and Major OptionsEdit

Maserati GranTurismo-02small
  • There is only one major style but the GranTurismo S does offer a slightly lower suspension, a built in rear spoiler to create downforce in order to compensate for the extra power, and two oval exhaust pipes rather than the quintessential Maserati four exhausts.
  • The color of the leather is customizable and as well as the exterior color, as expected from any car manufacturer. The main option one can get is the addition of the Skyhook Suspension system (an electronically controlled suspension that makes the ride more agile).

Dimensions and WeightEdit

  • Length: 4881 mm
  • Width without mirrors: 1847 mm
  • Width with mirrors: 2056 mm
  • Height: 1353 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2942 mm
  • Front track: 1586 mm
  • Rear track: 1590 mm
  • Front overhang: 873 mm
  • Rear overhang: 1066 mm
  • Boot capacity: 260 l
  • Fuel tank capacity: 86 l
  • Dry weight (EU version): 1780 kg
  • Kerb weight (EU version): 1880 kg
  • Running order with driver (EU version): 1955 kg
  • Max permissible: 2180 kg
  • Maximum permitted technical weight: 2250 kg
  • ODM weight distribution: 49% front; 51% rear


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Coupe Coupe S Conv. Hardtop
$110,000 $140,000 Unknown
$95,000 $120,000 Unknown

Gas MileageEdit

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As seen on the website, the City/Highway MPG averages are as follows:

Coupe Coupe S Conv. Hardtop
13 City 19 Hwy 11 City 18 Hwy Unknown
  • Combined cycle 16 Miles (GranTurismo) and 15 (GranTurismo S).
  • CO² emission combined cycle 345.0 (g/km).

Engine and TransmissionEdit

  • Displacement 4244 cm3
  • Bore: 92 mm
  • Stroke: 79.8 mm
  • Compression ratio: 11:1
  • Maximum power output: 298 kW (405 hp)
  • Engine speed at maximum power output: 7.100 rpm
  • Peak torque: 460 Nm (47 kgm)
  • Engine speed at peak torque: 4750 rpm
  • Maximum engine speed: 7250 rpm


Maserati GranTurismo-03


  • Top Speed: 177mph (285 km/h) at 7050 rpm
  • Acceleration 0-60 mph (1-100 km/h): 5.2 s. Faster times have been reported by some magazines and reviewers. They state that the standard GranTurismo is able to get from 0-60 in 4.9 s.
  • Stopping distance from 60 mph (100 km/h): 114 feet (35 m)

GranTurismo S

  • Top Speed: 183 mph (7050 rpm)
  • Acceleration 0-60 mph: 4.7 s. Faster times have been reported. Some claim that it can go from 0-60 in 4.4 s.


  • RECALL ALERT: Maserati is recalling all 56 2008 MY GranTurismos equipped with the advanced passenger seat air bag weight sensor system due to a malfunction in the supplemental restraint system (SRS) electronic control unit (ECU) software when the battery is not fully charged. In the event of a crash, the passenger side air bag and passenger seat belt pre-tensioner may not deploy increasing the risk of injuries. Maserati dealers will replace the SRS ECU units as necessary. The recall is expected to begin this month (January 2008).
  • RECALL ALERT: On January 22, 2009, Fiat issued a recall alert affecting 7,912 MY 2008 Alfa Romeo 8Cs, Maserati GranTurismos and Quattroportes due to incorrectly torqued front and rear suspension upper and lower ball joint nuts which may loosen with consequent steering wheel vibration, a growing metallic noise and progressive loss of driving precision in the transients. According to the Italian automaker, continued use of the vehicle in these conditions may lead to damage of the suspension lever, which in the long term and depending on vehicle usage, may cause the ball joint/suspension arm to break. The recall is expected to begin during February 2009. Concerned U.S. owners may contact Maserati for more information at 1-201-816-2600.[7]


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The interior, which can seat four full-sized adults, is lined in Poltrona Frau leather, similar to the Quattroporte. It also features a customizable wraparound interior trim. In the standard version these are available in "Smoked Quartz" and "Alu Grey", while upon request it is possible to choose among essences of genuine wood (Walnut, Tanganyika wood, Rosewood) for a warm and elegant environment, or as an alternative varnished hues (Black Piano, Rosso Sigillo, Giallo Decoro, Bianco Cotton, Blu Laque), for a more sporty and elaborate look.

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Current Generation: (2008–present)Edit

Maserati GranTurismo S 0


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Design quirks and odditiesEdit

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