Louis Charavel, alias John "Sabipa" (born in 1890 in Provence and death?) is a racing driver French.

Biography Edit

Its activity in the race sprawled 1921 (Grand Prix UMF, while 4th) to 1933 ( 24 Hours of Le Mans ).

He acquired his pseudonym in response to a question from a journalist by the expression Sabe not (I do not know), in Provençal dialect.

He participated four times in the endurance race Sarthe in 1925, 1928, 1932 and 1933 (the last two editions with Odette Siko on 6-cylinder Alfa Romeo 1750 (1.7L) Compressor I6, personal property of Mrs. Siko) 4th ending the race at Le Mans in 1932 , while winners 2L category ..

Awards Edit

  • 12 Hours of San Sebastian in 1925 by category <1500 cm 3;
  • 1926 Italian Grand Prix on Bugatti Type 39A ;
  • Coppa Florio (it) in 1927 on Bugatti (in Saint Brieuc ) ;
  • Hill climb Rushcliffe (north of Amiens ) in 1927 Bugatti 1.5L (over a mile and kilometer);
  • Grand Prix of the ACF : 1.5L Carts race. in 1928 , about Bugatti T37 ;
  • Hill climb Chanteloup (northwestern Paris ) in 1930 Bugatti T35C .

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