Template:List of Kish Khodro ModelsKish Khodro is a car company based in Tehran, Iran. Established in 1998, 40% of the company is owned by the Iranian state bank. Their original model was the plastic-bodied Sinad I hatchback. This was followed by the differently styled Sinad II and the coupe version, the Sinad III. In 2003 they launched the Ason wagon, and in 2004 they launched the Veek MPV, which is based on the first generation Renault Scenic. The powertrain for their line-up is sourced from Renault.


  • Managing Director: A. R. Tamaddoni Jahromi
  • IT Manager : Hamid Hosseini Bojdani
  • System Manager: S. Hamid Hoseini Bojdani


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