The Joss Supercar is the first Australian built mid-engine supercar. Designed by car enthusiast Matt Thomas it is under design since 2003. In January 2006 Joss stated that the requirement investment money for finalizing the car's design was still being pursued and further 12 to 18 months will then be required to roll out the first fully fledged production car. The Joss has been on display at both the 2004 Melbourne International Motor Show and the Sydney Motor Show, where it seemed to be the main attraction. The Joss Supercar can be seen in the Xbox 360 video game PGR3 although at that point no actual road-going car existed.

The Design Edit

The Joss was designed with a sleek modern look. The front is reminiscent of the Ascari KZ1 and shares proportions with the McLaren F1, especially with respect to the windscreen. The rear loosely compares to the Saleen S7 and the McLaren F1. The car has only one colour, being somewhat close to a sky blue, though the car has been photographed with its production team in white.



  • 0-100 km/h (0-60 mph): 3.7s
  • 0-400 m (quarter mile): 11.9s
  • Top Speed: 320 km/h (200 mph) (estimate)


  • 6.8L all-alloy, fuel injected 16-valve V8
  • 5 speed manual (Porsche G50), triple plate clutch
  • 350kW (500 bhp) @ 5750 rpm
  • 650Nm (480 ft·lbf) @ 2800 rpm


  • Composite aluminum and honeycomb steel space frame
  • Wheelbase: 2560 mm

Body SpecsEdit

  • Length: 4150 mm
  • Width: 1860 mm
  • Height: 1050 mm
  • Total Kerb Weight: 940 kg
  • Construction: Composite carbon fibre, kevlar, GRP, Honeycomb

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