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The Japan Formula 4 is a formula racing class in Japan. The class was founded in 1993 by the Japan Automobile Federation as a class between the FJ1600 and the All-Japan Formula Three Championship.


The Japanese Formula 4 is an open chassis class, open for all chassis manufacturers. Since 2012 the engines have a maximum capacity of 2,000cc. Currently the cars are allowed to be fitted with a Honda K20A, Toyota 3ZR or Nissan SR20 engine. Since 2010 the cars use a monocoque chassis in stead of a tube frame. In the first year of the monocoque chassis most cars were West Racing Cars. Later came more cars built by Tokyo R&D, Mooncraft and ZAP. Starting in 2015 the Japanese Formula 4 will adapt the regulations of the FIA Formula 4.[1]


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