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The Infiniti G35 was introduced in 2003 as the successor to the Infiniti G20. It makes use of a 6-cylinder V6 engine that pumps out 280hp (298hp in manual transmission models) and incorporates an element of luxury that some upscale Japanese models in its class lack. The coupe is a little shorter, a little wider, and a little lower to the ground than the sedan, and many laud the G35 as a fine intermingling of luxury and sport, with positive results.

See also the main fact sheets for the Infiniti G35.

High PointsEdit

  • Powerful engine
  • Moderately priced compared to main competitors
  • Wide array of standard features
  • High performance ride

Low PointsEdit

  • Not the best fuel efficiency
  • Rear seat in coupe too small for tall adults
  • Brakes sometimes feel too sensitive
  • Illuminated gauges difficult to read
  • Small storage compartments
  • Navigation system has annoying lawyer screen & disables many functions when moving.
  • Sun roof leaks when going through a car wash.
  • Trunk lid pours water into compartment when opened.

The lawyer screen at the navigation system startup is really annoying. The nav system functionality is significantly reduced when you are moving. When you are on the interstate & want to find out if a particular restaurant is coming up at the next exit you are only allowed to look at 4 choices. If you are stopped there may be as many as 100 choices but the manufacurer has decided to treat us like children. I find this odd since there is no problem with browsing the 150 + CD's I've recorded onto the vehicles hard drive yet it is deemed unsafe to use the nav system in full function when moving.

Next; let's talk about the fact that water literally pours into the trunk at 2 points when it is opened (it doesn't have to be raining for this to happen; a covering of morning dew is enough to soak a laptop or a travel bag.) It is strange that this wasn't addressed when the body styles were updated. If anything, the new design funnels more water into the trunk than the previous design. The seat & steering column does not move out of the way automatically (as it did in my previous I35) when you open the door with the auto running. Instead the car has to be turned off for this to occur. How unthoughtful... Most of these problems could probably be solved with a software upgrade.

The electronic key fob has enormous buttons that are constantly being pressed by other things in your pockets, leading to frequent unintentional car alarms, remote trunk openings, and, if the door unlock button is pressed for a few seconds, all of your windows will be down the next time you walk up to your car, rain or shine. By the way, to leave the radio when you are turning off the motor, press the ignition button twice, rapidly.

Performance and HandlingEdit

The engine that sits inside the G35 has been named to Ward's Ten Best Engines for 12 straight years, and with good reason. The 3.5L V6 pumps out 298hp (with a manual transmission), better than others in its class. It'll take you from 0-60 in about 6 seconds, which is better than both the Acura TL and the BMW 330i.

A sport-tuned suspension package is available for standard models and comes automatically equipped on the G35 6MT trims (coupe and sedan), which also feature larger wheels and manual transmissions. The G35 generally hums along, and the sports suspension and larger wheels, while offering improved handling, only slightly detract from the smoothness of the ride.

Gas MileageEdit

Having an engine as powerful as the G35's does have its drawbacks. According to, the G35 ranks 18th out of 33 cars in the Near-Luxury category for fuel efficiency. The city/highway ratings for the G35 are as follows:


The NHTSA currently has no safety information on the G35, but rates it 3rd safest in the near-luxury category. This honor is somewhat diminished, however, by the fact that the G35 shares the 3rd place standing with eleven other cars and the fact that it achieved this with a mere 3.2/5 star rating.

Reliability and MaintenanceEdit

As it is a relatively young model, reliability ratings are only available for the 2003 G35. Luckily, however, according to Automotive Information Systems, it appears that it had very few problems and required minimal maintenance, and this should continue for the few models that followed it.

Interior and ComfortsEdit

The G35's interior is focused on luxury for its passengers. The seats are comfortable, controls easily accessible, and a nice touch is that the instrument panel moves with the tilt steering wheel so that the view of the guages remain unobscured by the wheel at most angles. Standard features for all models of the G35 include such amenities as leather appointed seats, automatic temperature control, 8-way power seat adjustments, and a multi-information display for climate control, outside temperature and digital compass. In addition, premium packages add options like a Bose stereo system, seat memory, and navigation system.

As far as interior space is concerned, the G35 focuses more on the comfort of front passengers than those seated in the rear. The driver's seat, of course, is given utmost priority with regards to accessibility of controls, but the front passenger seat is just as comfy as the driver's. Space in the rear, however, is somewhat limited. Because of the G35's sloping rear windshield, passengers taller than six feet may find the headroom to be insufficient. This is even moreso the case with the coupe, which, although wider than the sedan, is smaller and shorter overall.


The G35 comes in two forms: the sedan and the coupe. While the sedan maintains a modern yet elegant feel, the coupe manages to capture that essence and make it sleek and sporty. Some of the exterior features that may be found on both sedan and coupe models of the G35 include integrated fog lights, dual heated power mirrors, aluminum door-sill plates, and dual chrome exhaust finishers.

The sedan is approximately 3 inches taller and 4 inches longer than the coupe, though the coupe is almost 3 inches wider. And though they do share the same front grille and taillight design, Infiniti has gone out of its way to set them apart from each other. Whereas the sedan sits a little higher and projects an air of sophistication, the coupe slopes the rear windshield more and rounds off the edges, creating a smoother, more aerodynamic look. They clearly belong to the same family, but their personalities differ distinctively.

Styles and OptionsEdit

The G35 is available in both a sedan and a coupe. The coupe features two trims: the base model and the 6MT. The sedan also comes in a base model and a 6MT version, but a four wheel drive trim, the G35x, is available as well.

One of the major differences between trims is that the base models are equipped with automatic transmissions and a 280hp V6 engine, whereas the 6MTs operate on a manual transmission and a 298hp V6. In addition, the 6MT models are equipped with more sporty options, such as a sport-tuned suspension and a dual mass flywheel. Besides its drivetrain, the G35x AWD is very similar to the base model sedan.

Several optional packages are available, all of which include various combinations of options. The Sport-Tuned Suspension package is intended to increase performance, for example; Premium Package A includes several upgrades like a Bose stereo system, a sunroof, and rear reclining seatbacks; and the Aero Package includes a rear spoiler and underbody diffusers. Other packages are available as well.

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