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Hyundai Entourage
aka Type aka here, not up there
Production 2007 - 2009
Class Minivan
Body Style 4-door, 7-seater minivan
Length 202.0 in
Width 78.1 in (including side mirrors)
Height 71.9 in (including roof rails)
Wheelbase 118.9 in
Weight 4400~4629 lbs
Transmission Aisin 5-speed Shiftronic
Engine 3.8 litre Lambda 90-degree V6
Power 242 hp @ 6000 rpm
251 lb-ft of torque @ 3500 rpm (2007 models)

250 hp @ N/A rpm
253 lb.ft of torque @ 3500 rpm (2008 models)
Similar Toyota Sienna
Nissan Quest
Dodge Grand Caravan/Chrysler Town & Country
Honda Odyssey
Volkswagen Routan
Designer Designer (lead designer if it was a team effort)

The Hyundai Entourage is a minivan sold by Hyundai Motor Company in the North American market beginning with the 2007 model year. It is based on the Kia Sedona.

Recent ChangesEdit

For the 2008 models, the engine was boosted and the SE model disappeared. And to cope with that, Hyundai made two package options for the GLS. One is just like a GLS with a bit more options, and the second has more options, comparable to the 2007 SE.

Styles and Major OptionsEdit

The basic trim is the GLS model, starting at $23,795. It has no power seats, sunroof, and doors, but it is a good ride. then comes the SE model, which has a driver's power seat and power sliding rear doors and an automatic climate control system. And finally the top of the line trim is the Limited, which starts at $29,895. It has leather seats and power passenger seats and options are a power sunroof and a 13-speaker 660-watt 6-disc CD changing Infinity stereo, while the basic stereo has 6 speakers and 175 watts.

The Limited Trim features a power sunroof and power passenger seat and the 660-watt infinity audio, also found on the SE.


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GLS Limited Trim3 Trim4
$23,795 $29,895 $Price3 $Price4
$Price1 $Price2 $Price3 $Price4

Gas MileageEdit

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As seen on the website, the City/Highway MPG averages are as follows:

Limited GLS Trim3 Trim4
16/23 16/23 c/h c/h

Engine and TransmissionEdit

  • Engine: Hyundai Lambda 3778 cc 90 degree V6 DOHC with CVVT
  • Transmission: Aisin 5-speed automatic with override(Shiftronic)


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The Entourage and the Kia Sedona were rated by the IIHS as the safest minivans ever built, with 5 stars for both driver and front passenger on frontal impact, and 5 stars for both front and rear seats in the side impact, and 4 stars for rollover. However, according to KNCAP, the domestic carnival got worse results than its american counterpart, partly because air bage are optional . So, the weird thing is, KNCAP does the frontal test at 56 km/h while the IIHS does it at 60 km/h, and still the domestic version got worse results.


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Main CompetitorsEdit

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Resale ValuesEdit

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Resale Value
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Current Generation: (2007–2010)Edit

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The Entourage only sold for one generation, while its sister product, the Kia Sedona, managed two. But due to slow sales, Hyundai has confirmed that it will discontinue the Entourage and stick with the Sedona before the next generation arrives.


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