Template:List of Hindustan Motors ModelsHindustan Motors is an automobile manufacturer from India. It is part of the Birla group of industries.

It is the producer of the famous Ambassador car, widely used as a taxicab and as a government limousine. One of the original three car manufacturers in India, founded in 1942, it was a leader in car sales until the 1980s, when the industry was opened up from protection.

Hindustan has a joint venture with Mitsubishi, producing versions of the Lancer and Pajero, but is best known for its own models.

Models Edit

Models manufactured by Hindustan Motors are :

Plants Edit

  • Uttarpara, West Bengal (near Kolkata)
  • Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh (near Indore)
  • Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu (near Chennai)
  • Hosur, Tamil Nadu (near Bangalore)

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