Template:List of Hafei Motor ModelsHarbin Hafei Motor Co., LTD (referred to hereafter as Hafei Motor, in Chinese: 哈飞汽车), a subsidiary of Harbin Aircraft Industry (Group) Ltd., is a leading minivan maker and a national small motor vehicles source in China.

Hafei Motor was incorporated with government approval on September 20, 1994 as a foreign joint venture company with assets of 4.4 billion CNY. It occupies an area of 1,050,000 m² and has a floor space of 350,000 m². Further upgrading accomplished enabled welding, painting and final assembly operations to support two production lines running in parallel with an annual output of 300,000 units.

Hafei Motor has 5,000 employees including more than 100 senior engineering and administration staff and more than 600 middle engineering and administration staff, who are primarily engaged in development, production, marketing and sales of Hafei small vehicles in series and their parts and spares.

Hafei Motor has successfully developed more than 100 models of 7 series of small motor vehicles including mini trucks with one or two rows of seats in cab, minivans, and small passenger and sedan cars. Songhuajiang China-Italy, a minivan jointly designed and developed with Pinifarina, created a new image with its exterior contour up to world standards for Chinese-made minivans as a perfect blending of performance and style and an excellent combination of traditional culture of China with splendor of Europe.

Hafei Motor has the first-rate research and development capability in China. It pioneered the efforts to apply CAD/CAS/CAE/CAM by adopting the advanced concurrent engineering technique and CAD paperless design of small vehicles in series. It has a large team of experienced process planners who are very good at both engineering design and on-site technical administration. Such routine business operations as production scheduling, engineering updating, accounting and inventory control are all computer-aided, and its distributors and appointed service stations are all wired, and quick and easy communication made the orderly dynamic administration of the company possible.

The quality policy of Hafei Motor is “quality is the life of an enterprise and customer is always right”. Its quality goal is “be the most competitive on the market by quality products”. It was GB/T 19001-ISO9001 certified in April, 1997. It was DIN EN9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified by TüN RHEINLAND HONG KONG LTD. in 24 January 2003, too.

Hafei Motor has more than 500 distributors, more than 100 sales offices and more than 300 resident marketers across the country. Following the principle of mutual-benefit, -trust and -support, Hafei Motor is now promoting the marketing strategy of lumping sales, service, spares and information together and encouraging exclusive sales of Hafei motor vehicles.

While providing customers with quality products, Hafei Motor has more than 600 appointed service stations across the country to ensure satisfactory after-market services available to customers in a timely manner, thereby creating good credibility on the market.

Hafei Motor is willing to cooperate with partners both at home and abroad heart and soul, and march forward with Hafei minivan lovers hand in hand to create a bright future.


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