The 4T60-E (and similar 4T65-E) is a series of automatic transmissions from General Motors. Designed for transverse engine configurations, the series includes 4 forward gears. The 4Txx family is an evolution of the original Turbo-Hydramatic 125 transverse automatic introduced in the early 1970s.

The "-E" transmission is electronically controlled and features an automatic overdrive transaxle with an electronically controlled torque converter clutch.

The 4T65 is built at Warren Transmission in Warren, Michigan.


Main article: Turbo-Hydramatic 125

The 4T60 was the transitional model from the old Hydramatic to the new electronically-controlled transverse family. Introduced in 1983 on the 1984 G-bodies, it was enhanced with electronic controls to become the 4T60-E in 1988. By the mid-1990s, the 4T60-E was the transmission of choice in nearly every front-wheel drive GM vehicle. A heavy-duty 4T60-E HD was introduced in 1993 for the supercharged GM 3800 engine. The 4T60-E was phased out in favor of the 4T65 beginning in 1997.

The 4T60 featured a 245 mm torque converter.



The 4T65-E was introduced to replace the 4T60-E in 1997. The 4T65-E included a larger 258 mm torque converter and many other changes to improve reliability. It is able to handle vehicles up to 6500 lb (2948 kg) GVWR with up to 280 ft·lbf (380 N·m) of torque. A number of final drive ratios are available, with many distinct models. Starting in mid year 2000 models, all 4T65-E models received an upgraded valve body. Starting in 2003 the internal electronics were changed, and ratcheting sprags for input and 3rd gear were added.


  • M15 — 245 mm (9.6 in) torque converter
  • MN3 — 258 mm (10.2 in) torque converter
  • MN7 — 258 mm (10.2 in) torque converter and heavy-duty gearbox (see 4T65E-HD)
  • MD7 — 245 mm (9.6 in) torque converter (Chinese version)
  • M76 — 245 mm (9.6 in) torque converter (with all-wheel drive capability)

Gear ratios:

1 2 3 4 R
2.92 1.56 1.00 0.70 2.38



The 4T65E-HD (code MN7) is a heavy duty version of the 4T65-E used with V8 engines like the LS4 V8 and L67/L32 supercharged V6.


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