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Formula SCCA or Formula Enterprises is a class of open wheel race car sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America. A spec racing class, all chassis are produced by SCCA Enterprises in association with Van Diemen and include a sealed Mazda MZR powerplant. The chassis can also be fitted with closed-wheel bodywork and converted into a sportscar to race in C Sports Racer or the L3 class of IMSA Prototype Lites. For the 2012 season, the car was also accepted into the U.S. F2000 National Championship's National Class. According to the manufacturer's website, as of March 2010, 120 of the cars have been sold.

SCCA Enterprises also produces the Spec Racer Ford chassis.


The SCCA Enterprises introduced the formula and sports racer in 2002. The formula car was allowed in the Formula Atlantic club racing class. In 2003 SCCA Pro Racing created Sports Racing Pro Series for the formula (FS) and sports racer (SRP) cars.[1] For the 2004 racing season the class was merged with the U.S. F2000 National Championship. Elivan Goulart won the Formula SCCA championship and Neil Tilbor won the SCCA Sportscar Championship. Due to the lack of entries for the 2005 season the series was canceled.

The sports racer was allowed in the IMSA Lites L3 class for the 2007 season. The first season was a reasonable success with 8 drivers competing of which 4 raced the full season. Richard Spicer won the championship with 7 wins out of 12 races. 2008 and 2009 saw a significant downfall in drivers with resp. 2 and 3 drivers competing. Therefor the IMSA decided to drop the L3 class for 2010.

In 2010 SCCA Pro Racing launched the SCCA Pro Formula Enterprises together with the SCCA Pro Spec Racer class. The Formula Enterprises class raced with moderate succes. At the end of the 2011 season it was announced that it would merge with the U.S. F2000 National Championship National Class. The national class also allowed Formula Continental cars. 16-year old Norwegian driver Henrik Furuseth took the championship for Cape Motorsports. For 2013 the National class only allows Formula Enterprises cars.[2]


Van Diemen DP06 'Formula Enterprises'
Engine 2.3L Mazda MZR
Valvetrain Twin cam, 16 Valves
Torque 170 ft/lbs at 4700rpm
Horsepower 170hp at 5800rpm
Ignition system electronic fuel ignition
Transmission 5-speed sequential
Suspension Push rod
Chassis tubular steel spaceframe
Tires Hoosier
Weight Formula: 1250lbs
Sports Racer: 1350lbs

Notable championsEdit

The Formula SCCA is raced in various SCCA national and regional events in the Formula Enterprises and C Sports Racer class. Below is an overview of the most important races and championships.

Year SCCA National Championship Runoffs SCCA June Sprints Formula SCCA IMSA Lites L3
2004 USAflagsmall Elivan Goulart
2005-6 No national class Formula SCCA/Enterprises
2007 USAflagsmall Rusty Mitchell || ||USAflagsmall Richard Spicer
2008 USAflagsmall Mark Eaton|| USAflagsmall Mark Eaton || || USAflagsmall Chris Funk
2009 USAflagsmall Nicholas Evans|| USAflagsmall Scott Rettich || SCCA Pro Formula Enterprises || USAflagsmall Chris Doyle
2010 USAflagsmall Scott Rettich || USAflagsmall Scott Rettich || USAflagsmall Sean Rayhall
2011 USAflagsmall Scott Rettich || USAflagsmall Matthew Mair || USAflagsmall Scott Rettich
2012 USAflagsmall Patrick Gallagher || rowspan=2|USAflagsmall Patrick Gallagher || USF2000 National Class
22px-Flag of Norway Henrik Furuseth
2013 USAflagsmall Scott Rettich || USAflagsmall Scott Rettich || USAflagsmall Scott Rettich


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