Formula Holden was an Australian open wheel racing category.


Known during its development as Formula Australia, it was initially for chassis constructed from aluminium only, running a 3.8 litre Buick V6 engine as it was then utilised in the new versions of the Holden Commodore. Second-hand Formula 3000 chassis were targeted immediately as a cheap source of cars in addition to local constructors. For the 1992 season cars constructed from carbon fibre were allowed. In 2006 an engine upgrade was made available to the 3.6 litre Alloytec V6 engine, although take-up of the alloytec was far from universal. The engines were usually mounted in ex-Formula 3000 chassis, a large number of which were sourced from Japan but also included cars from other sources and a few specifically designed for the class, like the Cheetah, Elfin, Spa (designed by F1 designer Gary Anderson) and TAFE Shrike designs.

From its inception in 1989 until 2004 the formula was used to determine the winner of the Australian Drivers' Championship for the CAMS Gold Star. From 2005 this title was moved to the Australian Formula 3 Championship.

From 1991 to 1995 the class was known as Formula Brabham in honour of Jack Brabham who acted as the category patron for five seasons. In 1996 the name reverted to Formula Holden and from the 2003 season the class was officially called "Formula 4000 powered by Holden".

The formula was also used for a 1993 Pan-Pacific series, several New Zealand Grands Prix, and Tasman Cup (Australia versus New Zealand) summer series. It has also been proposed to be used for an Asian series based in China. With numbers dropping and the increasing prominence of Formula 3, the class was dropped by the CAMS sanctioning body after the 2005 season. In 2006, the category was run as part of the Australian Motor Racing Series under the sanctioning of the Australian Auto Sport Alliance (AASA) and at times the regular Formula 4000 field was complemented by vehicles competing in the new Oz BOSS category for open wheel racing cars. In 2007 numbers had dropped to the point they could no longer form races by themselves and were amalgamated into the OzBOSS category. As part of this amalgamation, the cars themselves were re-badged again as Formula 3000V6.

The drivers in the series in the 2000s were a mix of older drivers who own their own cars, or very young Oceanic or South Asian drivers looking to make a name for themselves in the international scene. Although technically using cars just a step below Formula One, the lack of competition in the series means that drivers tend to progress from Formula 4000 to a minor series in Europe (Will Power, British Formula 3) or North America (Scott Dixon, Indy Lights).

Past ChampionsEdit

OzBoss Championships, F3000V6 classEdit

Australian Formula 4000 Championship (AMRS)Edit

Australian Formula 4000 ChampionshipEdit

  • 2005 25px-AustraliaFLAG Peter Hackett - Reynard 96D

Australian Drivers' Championship - Formula 4000Edit

Australian Drivers' Championship - Formula HoldenEdit

Australian Drivers' Championship - Formula BrabhamEdit

  • 1995 25px-AustraliaFLAG Paul Stokell - Reynard 91D
  • 1994 25px-AustraliaFLAG Paul Stokell - Reynard 91D
  • 1993 25px-AustraliaFLAG Mark Skaife - Lola T91/50
  • 1992 25px-AustraliaFLAG Mark Skaife - Spa FB003
  • 1991 25px-AustraliaFLAG Mark Skaife - Spa FB003

Australian Drivers' Championship - Formula HoldenEdit

Cars used in Formula HoldenEdit

Cheetah Mk.9, Dome F102, Elfin FA891, Hocking 901, Hocking 911, Liston BF3, Lola T87/50, Lola T91/50, Lola T93/50, March 87B, Ralt RT4, Ralt RT20, Ralt RT21, Ralt RT23, Reynard 89D, Reynard 90D, Reynard 91D, Reynard 92D, Reynard 93D, Reynard 94D, Reynard 95D, Reynard 96D, Reynard 97D, Reynard 98D, Shrike NB89H, SPA 001, SPA 002, SPA 003

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