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Edmund E. Anderson was an Industrial Designer in the North American automotive industry, notably as the lead designer for American Motors Corporation (AMC) from 1950 to 1961. Anderson also worked in automotive design at General Motors until 1950, when he was recruited by George W. Mason, the president of Nash Motors, to develop the independent automaker's own in-house design studio.

Anderson designsEdit

Anderson was largely responsible for some rather brilliant re-designs of existing AMC products during his tenure as AMC's Director of Styling. Notable achievements included the revamped 1955 Nash Rambler that became the 1958-1960 Rambler American, as well as its subsequent 1961 restyle. Anderson gave the Rambler American an entirely new look without any major re-tooling costs, which allowed AMC to make money in a very tight, competitive market.

Anderson was also responsible for the Pininfarina Nash of 1952. He revised the highly acclaimed Italian designer's contracted work for a more American look. However, the "Pininfarina" logo remained on the car because of its marketing value. The compact 1964 American that used some of the larger 1963 Classic body components, was also Anderson's work.

After asking to be named Vice President of Styling, and being rebuffed, Anderson resigned from the company effective December 1961, and retired to Mexico. His replacement as AMC's principal designer was Richard A. Teague.


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