Template:List of Donnet ModelsDonnet was a French car maker founded as Donnet-Zedel in 1924 and continuing in business until 1936.

Jerome Donnet had made a large amount of money producing aircraft during World War I and in 1924 bought Automobiles Zedel of Pontarlier, Doubs, France. From this factory he made the Donnet-Zedel CI-6 with 2120 cc engine, a design originating from 1912. A new car, the 1098 cc Type G was introduced in 1925 and it sold well helping Donnet to become France's fourth largest car maker in 1927. [1] The Type G was made in a former Donnet aircraft factory at Gennevillers, Seine and the Pontarlier works was sold in 1928 and the Zedel part of the name dropped. Donnet also bought another factory at Nanterre, Seine from Vinot et Déguingand which although small had room for expansion.

An expanded range of cars appeared in the late 1920s and early 1930s including six cylinder models but the great days were over and production ended in 1934. The factory at Nanterre was sold to SIMCA in 1935.

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