Template:List of Donkervoort Models Donkervoort Automobielen BV is a producer of sports cars based in Lelystad in The Netherlands. This car brand was founded in 1978 by Joop Donkervoort.

In 1996, Donkervoort's Ford Zetec engines were replaced by Audi engines

The car is based on the Lotus Seven. One of the differences is a redesigned nose cone.


Vehicle Year Engine
S71978-19842 litre Ford OHC W/ 110 BHP
S81985-19892 liter Ford OHC W/ 110 bhp
S8A1985-19932 liter Ford OHC W/ 117 bhp
S8AT1986-1994Garret T3 turbocharger, intercooler, 3 way catalytic converter, 170 bhp as a 2.0 L engine/ 190 bhp as a 2.2 L
D101988-19892.160 cc engin W/ Garret T3 turbocharger W/ 190 bhp
D8 Zetec1993-19981.8 litre or a 2.0 litre V16 Zetec engine, w/ 140 bhp or 160 bhp
D8 Cosworth1994-19982.0 litre DOHC engine w/ 220 to 280 bhp
D8 Audi (AGU)1999-2002180-250 bhp, turbocharged, 1.8 L Audi engine
Audi (E-gas)2003-present150-250 bhp, turbocharged, 1.8 L Audi engine, drive by wire
D8 270 RS2005-present150-270 bhp, turbocharged, 1.8 L Audi engine, drive by wire


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