De Tomaso Sport 1000
De Tomaso
aka VL 1609 (Fantuzzi)
2002 (Ghia)
Production 1964
Class Prototype
Body Style
Weight 1058.4 lb (Fantuzzi)
Transmission 5-speed Manual (Fantuzzi), RWD
4-speed Manual (Ghia), RWD
Engine 1.0 litre BRM OHV Inline-4 (Fantuzzi)
1.6 litre Ford Kent Inline-4 (Ghia)
Power 105 hp (Fantuzzi)
Designer Ghia

The Sport 1000 were 2 one-off racecar prototypes by the Italian automobile manufacturer De Tomaso and based off of the De Tomaso Vallelunga model. Two separate coachbuilders were drafted to design both Spyders; Ghia and Fantuzzi.

Fantuzzi Spyder (Chassis VL 1609)Edit

Modified by the factory to incorporate a 998cc BRM Formula 2 engine (129bhp at 9750rpm) and ancillaries, new engine subframe, straight through exhaust, fuel tank, wider three-spoke De Tomaso Formula 3 wheels by Campagnolo, smaller diameter steering wheel and front-mounted header tank. The rear bodywork was modified with flared fenders and an opening for the exhaust pipe on the tail facia. The rear deck had cut outs for the trumpets, a filler cap and heat exchanger for the electrical system. The car was retained by the factory until 2004.

Ghia Spyder (Chassis 2002)Edit

Displayed at the Geneva Motor Show, March 1966 and subsequently shown extensively. For marketing reasons, De Tomaso always said that the Competizione 2000 was equipped with a Flat 8 cylinder 2-litre De Tomaso engine but it was actually powered by a 1600cc Ford 120E with special heads and camshafts tuned by De Tomaso (basically an enlarged version of the standard Vallelunga unit). The gearbox was a Volkswagen case with gears by Colotti (more or less the same gearbox as in De Tomaso's F3 and Junior's). Initially the Competizione 2000 was equipped with 13-inch wheels (tyres 6.00 L13 front and 7.00 L13 rear), but later De Tomaso equipped it with the same 15-inch wheels as the Sport 2000. This car, as well, was retained by the factory until De Tomaso's liquidation in June of 2004.


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