David Ogle (died 1962) was a British industrial designer and car designer. He founded the design consultancy company Ogle Design in 1954.

He was educated at Rugby School and briefly studied Law at University of Oxford. In 1940 he joined the Fleet Air Arm. He flew the Supermarine Seafire in operations in North Africa, the Meditteranean and in the south of France. He rose to the rank of Lt Commander and was awarded the DSC and the MBE.

At the conclusion of the war he attended the Central School of Art and Design in London, studying industrial design. He subsequently joined Murphy Radio. He left Murphy in 1948 to join Bush Radio. It was while at Bush that he was responsible for the iconic design of the TR82 transistor radio.

He went on to design the Ogle SX1000 based on the BMC Mini

Ogle died driving one of his own minis on 25th May 1962.

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