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The Dana Holding Corporation is an American-based worldwide supplier of axles, driveshafts, off-highway transmissions, sealing and thermal-management products, and service parts.

The company's customer base includes virtually every major vehicle manufacturer in the global automotive, commercial vehicle, and off-highway markets. Based in Maumee, Ohio, the company employs approximately 21,500 people in 26 countries and reported 2010 sales of US$6.1 billion. The company is listed on the Fortune 500.


Dana corporate headquarters

Dana corporate headquarters, Maumee, OH

1904 - Originally incorporated in New Jersey as the 'Spicer Universal Joint Manufacturing Company', named after Clarence W. Spicer, engineer, inventor, and founder of the company;

1909 - it was renamed the 'Spicer Manufacturing Company'.

1914 - Charles Dana joined the company,

1916 - Dana became president and treasurer, the company was renamed the Dana Corporation.[1]

1928 - It relocated to Toledo, Ohio.

2006 - Dana filed for bankruptcy.[2]

2007 - Dana cancelled 150 million shares of stock during bankruptcy.[3]


Key products include axles, drive shafts, universal joints and sealing and thermal-management products.




On September 15, 2005, Dana restated its second-quarter 2005 financial statements, primarily to correct inappropriate recognition of price increases in its Commercial Vehicle business during the second quarter.[4] On October 10, 2005, Dana Corporation restated its 2004, first-quarter 2005, and second-quarter 2005 financial statements to correct issues involving customer pricing and transactions with suppliers in Dana's Commercial Vehicle business.[5]

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