Daihatsu Xenia
aka Toyota Avanza
Production produced from when to when+total units made (optional)
Class Subcompact MPV
Body Style 5 doors,7 seater mpb
Length 4120 mm
Width 1630 mm
Height 1695 mm
Wheelbase 2655 mm
Weight 1045 kg (1.3 litre)
Transmission 5 speed manual,4 speed automatic
Engine 1.0 litre VVT-i DOHC,1.3 litre VVT-i DOHC
Power 89 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm (1.3 litre)
Similar similar (competition)
Designer Designer (lead designer if it was a team effort)

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Daihatsu Xenia is a subcompact mpv made by Daihatsu Astra Indonesia.It is one of the best sellin cars in Indonesia.

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Recent ChangesEdit

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Gas MileageEdit

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Engine and TransmissionEdit

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Being the lower trim of Avanza,there isn't much safety equipment.Airbag and rear seat belts are absent in all trims.


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Main CompetitorsEdit

The Xenia does not have any competitor so far.However,because the price is similar to Hyundai i10,which is not a family car like Xenia, the i10 can be described as its competitor in terms of price rather than segment.It is still more competitive than city cars as it is a 7 seater with adequate space for Asian size.

Hybrid ModelsEdit

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Unique AttributesEdit

Although it is a very small car,the cabin is roomy,thanks to its smart structure.The sporty handling is also one of the main strength.It brings pleasure for slipping through ways during heavy traffic jam.The car is also perfect for beginners who have just learned how to drive a car.


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Current Generation: (YYYY–present)Edit

Fifth generation (YYYY–YYYY)Edit

Fourth generation (YYYY–YYYY)Edit

Third generation (2008-present)Edit

Front grille has been restyled to make it look more modern and dynamic.Bumper was also replaced with the new one.The rear lights have more Three-Dimensional design,with the round parts of the lights getting thicker.Interior color is now beige rather than black.The Xenia and Avanza has different bumper,different chrome accents,and slightly different interior detailings.

Second generation (2006-2008)Edit

Toyota Astra Motor decided to make the new generation of Avanza/Xenia to make it still competitive to the segment in 2006. The second generation has a restyled grille and bumpers which looks more propotional. The stiff suspension was replaced with the softer one. Rear lights are also redesigned for better looks. So far, people like the new change. The second generation of Avanza has different features from Xenia. There is also a small difference in the interior.

First Generation/Origins (2003-2006)Edit

The first generation of Avanza and Xenia were introduced at the same time in 2003. The early Xenia has no differences with Avanza. However,the Avanza is more expensive because Toyota brand has higher prestige level than Daihatsu. The first generation of Avanza/Xenia has criticism about the stiff suspension. However, Toyota Astra remade the suspension in the newer generation of Avanza/Xenia.


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Design quirks and odditiesEdit

It is the cheapest MPV in Indonesia that you can afford today.Although it's a compact mpv,the third row seats is very spacious for its size.The compact width can be a benefit when cruising around rural areas which have tight roads.


Xenia is probably the best selling car in Indonesia.You can find it almost everywhere.

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