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Template:List of Continental ModelsContinental was the name brand of an automobile produced between 1933/1934 by the Continental Motors Company, now of Alabama.

Continental Motors entered into the production of automobiles rather indirectly. Continental was the producer of automobile engines for numerous independent automobile company's in the 1920s, including the Durant Motors Corporation which used the engines in its Star, Durant, Flint and Rugby model lines. Following the collapse of Durant, a group having interest in Durant Motors began assembling their own cars, using the Durant body dies, in California under the DeVaux brand name. When DeVaux collapsed in 1932, Continental assumed automobile assembly and marketed the vehicles under the Continental brand name.

Continental's were marketed in three model ranges, the Ace, the Flyer and the Beacon, none of which met with success in the depression era economy. At this same time, Dominion Motors LTD. of Canada was building the same cars independent of Continental for sale in Canadian market through 1933 when it converted to building Reo brand trucks. Finding that its cars were unprofitable, Continental stopped assembling automobiles during the 1934 model year.


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