Circuito Lasarte
Location Lasarte-Oria, Guipúzcoa, Spain
Active from N/A - present
Major events Spanish Grand Prix
San Sebastián Grand Prix
Surface N/A
Length 11.029 mi (17.749 km)
Lap record 5:58 (Flag of Italy (1861-1946).svg Achille Varzi, Auto Union, 1935, class)

The Circuito Lasarte was an 11.029-mile (17.749-kilometre) Grand Prix motor racing road course at Lasarte-Oria, Guipúzcoa, Spain in the Basque Country near the resort town of San Sebastián on the Bay of Biscay. The counterclockwise layout was used between 1923 and 1935 but racing ended with the eruption of the Spanish Civil War in 1936 and after the war auto racing resumed at new tracks near Barcelona.

The Circuito Lasarte played host to the San Sebastián Grand Prix seven times (1923-5, 1927–30), the Spanish Grand Prix four times (1926–27, 1933–34) and the 1926 European Grand Prix. No longer operational for auto racing, in 1965 the layout was used for the World Cycling Championship.

Grand Prix resultsEdit

San Sebastian Grand Prix
1923 Albert Guyot driving a Rolland-Pilain
1924 Henry Segrave driving a Sunbeam
1925 Albert Divo/André Morel driving a Delage 2LCV
1927 Emilio Materassi driving a Bugatti T35C
1928 Louis Chiron driving a Bugatti T35C
1929 Louis Chiron driving a Bugatti T35B
1930 Achille Varzi driving a Maserati 26M

Spanish Grand Prix
1926 Bartolomeo Costantini driving a Bugatti T35
1927 Robert Benoist driving a Delage 15-S8
1933 Louis Chiron driving an Alfa Romeo Type B/P3
1934 Luigi Fagioli driving a Mercedes-Benz W25/34
1935 Rudolf Caracciola driving a Mercedes-Benz W25/35

European Grand Prix
1926 Jules Goux driving a Bugatti T39A


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