The Blastolene Indy Special is a unique, specially-built car. Created from a military tank engine and a custom-made aluminium body, [1] it produces 810bhp @ 2800rpm and 1560 pound-feet @ 2400rpm of torque.[2]

History Edit

In 2001 a glass artist named Randy Grubb made the Blastolene Special with a Continental AV17-5B[2](a huge engine that weighs the same as a Volkswagen Beetle) used in a 51-ton M47 Patton Tank back in the 1950s, a Greyhound bus transmission and metal for the body. The glass blower figured he made about USD$125,000 selling it to Jay Leno to put into the extensive collection of cars he owns (84 cars and 73 motorcycles as of April 11, 2006[3]).

The Blastolene Indy Special is a similar car that is styled after a 1950s era Indy Car.


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