Bentley Dominator
aka Bentley Dominator
Production 6 produced in 1995
Class Luxury
Body Style Five-door Estate
Length c. 4500 mm
Width c. 1900 mm
Height c. 1800 mm
Wheelbase c. 2540 mm
Weight c. 2100 kg (curb)
Transmission Automatic transmission, four-wheel drive
Engine {{{engine}}}
Power {{{Horsepower and Torque rating}}}
Similar Land Rover Range Rover
Designer Graham Hull

The Bentley Dominator was a four-wheel drive SUV, commissioned in 1994 by the Sultan of Brunei. Bentley would eventually produce six Dominators for the Sultan, each with identical specification but different colour schemes. Exact details of the car are very sketchy - but we do know that Bentley borrowed heavily from the Range Rover for the four-wheel drive hardware, and that one Dominator was finished in bright Royal Yellow, with two others in metallic grey and bright red.

The Dominator is one of a host of specials which the Sultan ordered in the early-Nineties to essentially keep Bentley from bankruptcy. The cost of the project was estimated at £3,000,000 per car. Knowledge of the Dominator only entered into the public domain after British auto magazine Autocar published a story using scoop photographs of two Dominators being loaded onto a jet destined for Brunei.

The Sultan's six Dominators are chassis numbers:

  • SCBTH98C5TCH00422
  • SCBTH98C7TCH00423
  • SCBTH98C9TCH00424
  • SCBTH98C0TCH00425
  • SCBTH98C2TCH00426
  • SCBTH98C4TCH00427


Bentley arnage hood-emblem

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