The BMW Z Series refers to BMW's roadster models. They are:

  • E30, the BMW Z1 roadster; produced from 1989 - 1991.
  • E36/7 / E36/8, the BMW Z3 roadster; produced from 1996 - 2002. The Z3 succeeded the Z1 and was itself replaced by the Z4.
  • E52, the BMW Z8 roadster; produced between 2000 - 2003. The Z8 differentiates with all other Z roadsters in this list as it is not an entry-level sports car but a flagship GT. It's proper predecessor is the E31 BMW 8 Series.
  • E85 / E86, the first generation BMW Z4 roadster; produced between 2002 - 2008. It was the replacement of the Z3 in both car and nomenclature and was penned by Anders Warming under the direction of Chris Bangle as CoD.
  • E89, the second generation BMW Z4 roadster; produced since 2009. The E89 is the first BMW penned by an all-woman team in the form of Juliane Blasi (exterior) and Nadya Arnaout (interior), under the direction of Bangle's apprentice and replacement, Adrian van Hooydonk.

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