Template:List of Autovia ModelsAutovia was a short lived brand of British car made in Coventry between 1937 and 1938. The venture was ambitious and even included setting up a school for chauffeurs. The cars were expensive and it was a market sector well served by other companies. About 35 cars were made.[1]

The company was created by Riley as a subsidiary to produce large luxury cars. A 2849 cc V-8 engine was developed from existing Riley engine blocks and coupled to either a pre selector gearbox bought from Armstrong Siddeley or a conventional four speed manual unit. Drive was to the rear wheels through a live axle with worm gear final drive.

Two body types were advertised, a sports saloon and a limousine mostly built by Arthur Mulliner.

The venture failed when Riley went bankrupt. When they were taken over by the Nuffield Organisation Autovia was not resurrected.

  • production = 1937-1938
    35 made
  • body_style = sports saloon
  • engine = 2849 cc V-8
  • transmission = 4-speed pre selector
    4-speed manual
  • length = 175 or 183 inches (4.45 or 4.65 ])[2]
  • width = 71 inches (1.80 m)[2]
  • height =
  • weight =
  • wheelbase = 129 inches (3.28 m)[2]
  • successor =
  • designer = Charles Van Eugen

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