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Auto Shanghai is an international automobile show that alternates each year with the Beijing Auto Show and dates to its inception in 1985 [1]. Auto Shanghai became the first UFI approved Chinese auto show in June 2004.

Held every two years in the neighborhood of Pudong in Shanghai, China [2], each successive show demonstrates a large incremental effort to be an influential, large-scale international show with auto makers stepping up the quality of their exhibits and with greater international participation.

  • 2005 April 22-28, Shanghai New International Expo Center, No.2345, Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai.
  • 2007 The last Auto Shanghai occurred April 24–28, 2007 with the theme "Technology and Nature in Harmony," and a 140,000 square meter exhibition area [1].
  • 2009 The next 13th Auto Shanghai is scheduled for 20 - 28 April 2009, Shanghai at the Shanghai New International Expo Center [3].

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